Q5 Restaurant EPoS System
best epos system for pubs and bars
£1095 +vat


The Q5 package is one of our most sophisticated EPOS Systems suitable for use in bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, bistros, wine bars and delis. This advanced system is pre-loaded with the latest SamTouch EPoS software to meet a variety of hospitality business requirements.

The Q5 system includes fast Point-of-Sale functions for eat-in and takeaway orders, with stock control, comprehensive sales reporting, staff performance monitoring, financial accounting reports and a range of sales analysis reports to give you total management control.

The SamTouch software has a number of features to help keep your business Covid-19 Secure and comply with UK goverment legislation.

This includes:

Contact Tracing function so date, time and contact details for each restaurant visitor and their party can be logged and reported.

Discount function to automatically calculate the 50% "Eat Out to Help Out" discount with the £10 cap, excluding alcohol drinks and applying on the appropriate days.

Optional Table ordering app where customers can order directly from their smartphone, make a card payment and have their order ticket printed out on the kitchen printer, thus minimising waiting staff physical interaction.

The Q5 system features the modern-design high-performance Sam4s Titan S360 15" Touchscreen Terminal with its slimline design, waterproof front, silent operation and fast performance. As standard, the Q5 package includes a full-size robust Cash Drawer and a fast Sam4s Thermal Receipt Printer. The solid technical specification and the established EPoS software enable the Q5 to provide many years of reliable use for your business.

It supports multiple sizes (eg. Small / Regular / Large, Pint / Half Pint, Single / Double, 125ml / 175ml / 250ml, Glass / Bottle / Jug etc) and allows customised pop-up choice windows where required (eg. White Bread / Brown Bread / Roll / Baguette, Vanilla / Strawberry / Chocolate, Rear / Medium Well / Well Done etc) with upto 20 options per pop-up, and multiple pop-ups where required (eg. Bread, Filling, Dressing).

For restaurants, the Q5 keeps track of tables on a user-friendly and speedy-use Graphical Table Map. When setting up the map, this can incorporate multiple zones or floors and function rooms. Tables can be sized and shaped (eg. square, rectangular, circular) or you can even load actual photos of your premises and furniture to provide a real view. Bar tabs can be set, storing the name and running balance with an itemised bill. For telephone and delivery orders, the system will keep track of bills until payment is registered. For hotels, the system can track bills for a room, allow bills to be transferred from a bar tab or restaurant table to a room number, and can print interim stubs for the customer to sign as proof of purchase.

Bills can allow deposit payments, bills can be transferred from one table to another, bills can be easily split between multiple customers either on a 'go dutch' basis or by individual items, and there is an extensive array of discounting functions, as well as surcharges (eg. Service Charge), which can be calculated automatically or applied manually. You can discount by an amount or percentage, either to a particular item or to the while bill. You can mark a bill item 'Complimentary". More sophisticated set up allows discount buttons to be applied for particular groups, such as 'food only' or selected items on the menu.

Full of functions that are used by staff and management everyday in restaurants, cafes and bars, the Q5 also offers an impressive list of extended modules to support development of any modern hospitality business. See Options tab above

Optional extras are available such as:

Wireless Waiter Tablets that use your local WiFi to take customer orders accurately and communicate orders instantly to the kitchen.

Telephone Caller ID and Customer Database for efficient handling of telephone orders for food delivery.

Postal Address Lookup for fast entry of customer address details.

Weighing Scale Link for automated pricing of meat, fish, cheese and deli items,

Real-time link to the Mobo2go Online Food Ordering Website so that online orders are instantly printed in the kitchen, the collection slip or drivers delivery is printed, and outstanding payment is tracked.

SamTouch Office remote back office system that can be installed on any compatible PC, Laptop computer or Tablet any accessed from anywhere in the world over the internet for live sales reporting, updating of products, prices and screen buttons and enhanced stock management. (This Add-On requires an annual subscription - see Options tab for pricing).

SamView Mobile App for live sales reporting either using your Android Smartphone or using any PC/Tablet device with a web browser from anywhere in the world.

There is also optional integration with the ResDiary Booking System so your customers can book table reservations by phone, through your website or through their smartphone.

For independent hotels, the software also links to your Direct Room Sales (DRS) bookings website.

For enhanced security, the optional VSI-Pro CCTV Link overlays the transaction data onto your CCTV picture so you have a real-time text and video record of each transaction and cashier activity.

Peripheral options include a Kitchen Printer, Kitchen Touchscreen System, a 2-line or Graphical Advertising rear customer display, a Magstripe Card Reader for membership or loyalty cards, and a Dallas Key Reader for fast, secure staff login with key fobs. See Options tab above.

Despite its advanced and comprehensive capabilities, the Q5 is very easy to set up, very easy to use and boasts impressive cosmetics with 3d screen buttons, crisp easy-to-read fonts, and vibrant modern colour schemes.

The Q5 can be operated as a single terminal system or a network of upto 16 terminals.

On a multi-terminal network, the master (first) terminal holds the shared database and allows consolidated reporting as well as reporting by individual terminal. Menu and price changes on the master terminal are instantly updated on all terminals / tablets in real-time. As the Q5 system is not cloud-based, performance is amazingly fast whether you have a single terminal or a network of 16 terminals all operating at the same time in a busy, fast-paced environment.

With the optional web-based SamTouchOffice back office app, you can virtually live monitor sales and takings from any PC or Tablet, either at the premises or remotely from anywhere in the world (internet connection is required for SamTouchOffice).

The wealth of advanced capabilities make the Q5 totally flexible and scalable, allowing you to implement and benefit from its many features from the outset or as and when your business grows or your needs change. If you want faster transaction processing, improved customer service, tighter stock control, accurate sales and financial reporting or better security, the system configuration can be customised to match your current and ongoing needs.



Each Q5 package from EposSystems.Com is supplied with a touchscreen terminal, epos software, a fast thermal receipt printer and a secure cash drawer as per the specification below. A Service Pack purchase provides for program setup, remote training and technical support:

Sam4s Titan S360 Touch Screen Terminal

The Titan S360 15" Touchscreen Terminal has a modern slimline design, operates silently, has a waterproof front and boasts a powerful specification with Intel processor, 2gb RAM, 64gb SSD storage and the latest Windows 10 IoT operating system.

Sam4s Titan S360 Touch Screen Terminal Brochure


SamTouch EPoS Software

The SamTouch software is provided on a permanent licence - there are NO ongoing licence fees.

*Exceptions apply where you have chosen to add any web-based Optional Modules which do require an annual subscription fee. See the Options section for details.

Latest SamTouch Version 2.0.937 released Feb 2022

The standard package includes comprehensive POS functions, a range of sales, stock, financial accounting and management reports, Graphical Table Plan, and the inbuilt Super User mode which allows the system settings to be configured, screen layouts to be edited, and products/prices to be added and amended.

SamTouch EPoS Software Product Brochure


Front Opening Cash Drawer

Heavy Duty Metal Construction.
Black casing colour
3 Position Keylock.
2 Media Slots.
Drawer Open Sensor.
RJ11 Printer Connection.
Dimensions (approx) Height: 110mm Depth: 410mm Width: 410mm.
Net Weight (approx): 7Kg

Sam4s Giant 100 Thermal Receipt Printer

The Giant 100 Thermal Receipt Printer is compact in size, but fast in performance, reliable in operation and has easy drop-in paper loading so the paper roll can be replaced instantly.

A modern-design gloss finish of the printer complements the touchscreen. Its small footprint uses minimal counter space.

You can print both customer Receipts and Kitchen Tickets on the same printer. Alternatively, see our Kitchen Printer options below if you require a separate printer for the kitchen.

Sam4s Giant 100 Thermal Printer Brochure



Equipment Warranty

The Package includes 3 year RTB Warranty on all Sam4s equipment and 1 year RTB Warranty on other equipment.



Cables, Power Supplies & Consumables

All equipment includes UK power supply and standard length (typically 1.5 -1.8m) data and power cables. A sample paper roll is included with each printer and, where required, an ink ribbon.

(1) You will require your own Router with sufficient spare ports for each terminal & kitchen printer.
(2) You will require your own Cat5 Ethernet Cables of the required length for each terminal / tablet cradle and for any kitchen printer. We can supply cables of the required length at our normal prices.
(3) For initial set up, you may also temporarily require a Keyboard with USB connection.

Your Router does not need to have Internet connection for normal day-to-day operation of the epos system, it is only needed for the duration of the remote setup & training and if you are using any optional web-based add-on modules (eg. integrated card payment processing, web-based Back Office System, online food ordering, postal address lookup etc).



Service Pack
The Service Pack includes initial set up of the system with your business details and menu/products (upto 1 days technician work), upto 2 hours remote training and a Level One Annual Support Subscription.

The Service Pack costs £175 for each site & menu / products list involving upto 1 day's technician work.

Where you have multiple menus or an extensive product list / modifiers / toppings that requires more than 1 working day for our technician to set up, then we also offer Advanced Programming services which are charged at our standard daily rate. If your menu has more than 200 items (including different product sizes/variations) please contact us to arrange to email it to us for an Advanced Programmings quotation.

Optional On-Site Services:

In addition to remote setup, training and support which is included in the Service Pack, we also offer a range of services on-site at your premises, including the following:

 Staff/Manager Training
 Hardware Installation & Setup
 Enhanced Support Subscriptions

If you opt to purchase on-site training instead of remote training, then the cost of the standard Service Pack will be reduced by £25 and you would pay the normal price for the on-site training (half day or full day).

If you require on-site services at your premises, please Contact Us with your requirements and postcode / location for a quote.


You may add the following optional equipment, peripherals and software modules to the standard package:

Rear 2-Line Customer Display

Integrated rear 2-line VFD customer display for the Titan or Forza range of terminal. Displays the product name and price, transaction total and change due. In idle mode, it will display a welcome message.

9.7" Graphical Advertising Customer Display

Integrated graphical colour rear 9.7" LCD display for the Titan and Forza range of terminals. Displays multiple lines of the transaction and the Total Due while sale is in progress and your advertising content around the transaction window. Alternatively, the transaction details can be excluded (or limited to just the Total Due) and the whole display can be used for advertising content.

The advertising content can be made up of text boxes, preset graphical images (jpg files) for advertising - either static or multiple scrolling images, as well as videos (mp4 files) and a link to a live website with HTML content. You can easily update the content whenever you like.


External 2-Line Customer Display

The External 2-Line Customer Display is ideal where your touchscreen is not directly facing onto the customer, or you have stock / pos display blocking the rear view of the touchscreen. You can position the Customer Display at the desired height and angle, upto 60cm away from the touch screen.

Requires connection of RS232 Data Cable and Power Supply (both included in the pack).

External VGA Customer Advertising Display
External Customer Advertising Display

We can also offer non-integrated advertising displays in sizes from 8" - 19" +. These can be pole mounted or fixed to a counter-top stand. They connect with a VGA cable to the secondary VGA port of the touchscreen terminal and use their own power supply.

The external screen displays a Transaction Window with multiple lines of the transaction and the Total Due while a sale is in progress and your advertising content around the Transaction Window. Alternatively, the Transaction Window can be excluded (or limited to just the Total Due ) and the whole display can be used for advertising content.

The advertising content can be made up of text boxes and preset graphical images (jpg files) for advertising - either static or multiple scrolling images or text boxes, as well as videos (mp4 files) and a link to a live website with HTML content or locally stored HTML files. You can easily update the content whenever you like.

Ideal for showing menus, promotions, pictures of your dishes/products, special offers and other store news.

Kitchen Printer EPOS
Remote Kitchen Printer
from £225 

Printed kitchen tickets reduce mistakes, improve chef / barman / waiter understanding, save writing time, and allow easier management in the kitchen of food orders. The system supports multiple kitchen printers with each Menu Item being set to print on a particular printer (eg. Drinks at the bar, Cooked food in the kitchen, Salads on the cold food counter etc)

We recommend Bixolon (formerly Samsung) SRP275 impact printers for kitchen tickets as the plain paper and ink is more resilient and less prone to fading from steam / liquid, and the printer makes a noise while printing, thereby alerting kitchen staff of a new order. Bixolon printers come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Bixolon SRP275 Manual Tear Bar (Serial)
Bixolon SRP275 AutoCutter (Serial)
Bixolon SRP275 AutoCutter (Ethernet)
Sam4s Giant 100 Thermal (Ethernet wired)
Sam4s Giant 100 Thermal (WiFi wireless)
only suitable in open-plan areas with solid WiFi signal and where WiFi Router is in direct proximity without obstruction (ie. no doors, corridors, walls, stairs or ceilings).
Bixolon Wall Mount Bracket
Bixolon Kitchen Buzzer with Light
Bixolon Wet Cover
Bixolon SRP275 Extra Ink Cartridge (Black/Red, Black or Purple)
Box of 20 Paper Rolls (White, 1-ply)
Box of 20 Paper Rolls (White/Yellow, 2-ply)
Box of 20 Paper Rolls (White/Yellow/Pink, 3-ply)
For Serial printers, a 1.5m data cable is included. Longer cable lengths (high quality shielded serial cables) are available upto 30metres length at £20 plus £1 per metre. For Ethernet printers, a Cat5 Ethernet network cable will need to be run from the printer to your Router, and each of your POS terminals connected by Ethernet cable to the same Router.

Please note: If you book on-site installation, our service does not include any drilling, trunking, climbing or removal of floorboards, skirting, tiles or furniture. You will need to contract a professional tradesman / electrician to properly run, fit and test your data cables. Ethernet cables must be properly terminated with either a Cat5 socket or RJ45 plug, and tested prior to installation.
Wireless Waiter Tablet
IMIN Wireless Waiter Pad 5"

Handheld Android PDA for wireless waiter use. Allows table orders for food and drinks to be instantly communicated to the kitchen, improving productivity, reducing errors and writing time and increasing customer satisfaction. Includes integrated bill/receipt printer.

The PDA has a condensed screen layout with all menu options. All table bills can be accessed from the PDA for starting a new bill, adding food & drink items, printing the bill and registering bill payment.

Price includes IMIN M2-202 Android PDA, Inbuilt 58mm-width receipt printer, UK mains power charger and OrderPad lifetime software license.

1. Requires good quality WiFi signal within the areas of your premises where the PDA will be used.
2. The PDA communicates with your main POS terminal which in turn automatically send orders to your Kitchen Printer(s) and/or Kitchen Monitor System. At least one POS terminal must be operating on the same network - you cannot use the PDA on its own.

Wireless Waiter Pad with Card Payment Processing
PAX A920 Wireless Waiter Pad with Integrated Card Payments
Outright Purchase £575 
or Monthly fee from £20 

The PAX A920 is a wireless Android PDA that can be used as a wireless waiter pad with integrated card payment processing (requires setup of a new merchant account via ourselves with eMerchantPay).

The OrderPad app allows table orders for food and drinks to be instantly communicated to the kitchen, improving productivity, reducing errors and writing time and increasing customer satisfaction. Includes integrated bill/receipt printer. It integrates directly with eMerchant so card payments via Chip & Pin, Contactless, Apply/Android pay etc can be instantly processed on the same device.

You can either buy the PAX A920 outright or take out a subscription with monthly rental fees. Transaction charges are payable as with any card payment service - rates quoted by eMerchantPay at the time of application and approval is subject to a credit check.

The PDA has a condensed screen layout with all menu options. All table bills can be accessed from the PDA for starting a new bill, adding food & drink items, printing the bill and registering bill payment.

Price includes PAX A920 Android PDA, Inbuilt 58mm-width receipt printer, UK mains power charger and OrderPad lifetime software license.

1. Requires good quality WiFi signal within the areas of your premises where the PDA will be used.
2. The PDA communicates with your main POS terminal which in turn automatically send orders to your Kitchen Printer(s) and/or Kitchen Monitor System. At least one POS terminal must be operating on the same network - you cannot use the PDA on its own.
3. An
eMerchantPay account for card payment integration would need to be setup via ourselves.



Wireless Waiter Tablet
Unitech Wireless Waiter Pad 5"

Commercial-grade rugged handheld PDA for wireless waiter use. Allows table orders for food and drinks to be instantly communicated to the kitchen, improving productivity, reducing errors and writing time and increasing customer satisfaction.

The PDA has a condensed screen layout with all menu options. All table bills can be accessed from the PDA for starting a new bill, adding food & drink items, printing the bill and registering bill payment.

Price includes Unitech EA502 Android PDA, UK mains power charger, protective case, belt clip, OrderPad lifetime software license and initial remote configuration.

Optionally add a mobile Bluetooth Receipt Printer (£225) so waiting staff can print and present bills / receipts instantly. The Bixolon SPP-R310 is a battery operated mini thermal printer that can run for upto 24 hours and print upto 250 metres of output on a single charge.

1. Requires good quality WiFi signal within the areas of your premises where the PDA will be used.
2. The PDA communicates with your main POS terminal which in turn automatically send orders to your Kitchen Printer(s) and/or Kitchen Monitor System. At least one POS terminal must be operating on the same network - you cannot use the PDA on its own.

Wireless Waiter Tablet
22" Kitchen Display System with SamTouch Kitchen app

An all-in-one wall-mounted computer with 22" Projective Capacitive Touchscreen and SamTouch Kitchen app to enable complete management of kitchen food and drink orders.

SamTouch Kitchen shows the Chef or Kitchen Manager each table / takeaway order, itemised with cooking instructions, time of order and elapsed time. A summary on the right shows how many of each menu item area required across all orders (eg. 9 Cheeseburgers, 5 Tuna Salad, 12 Regular Fries). 'Pinned' orders that are required at a later time are also displayed at the bottom with their respective collection time.

Hardware Specification: Intel Atom Quad Core XS-Z8350 processor, 64gb eMMC Storage, Dual o/s Windows & Android, Resolution 1920 x 1800, LAN 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, Built-in WiFi 802.11B G/N. Dimensions 390 (H) x 590 (W) mm.

Price includes UK power supply, SamTouch Kitchen app with remote setup and Wall Mount Bracket.

Installation and wall-mounting is excluded - you will need to contract a local professional tradesman to securely fit the wall mount bracket and attach the touchscreen. If you will be using WiFi then you will need to ensure the signal strength is Strong at the kitchen touchscreen - but we always recommend running a physical Ethernet cable to the router (instead of WiFi) to guarantee communication.

The SamTouch Kitchen app is also available separately for a one-off £250 , including remote setup on your own networked Windows computer.

Postcode / Address Lookup
Telephone Caller ID Module

With Telephone Caller ID, your existing customer's name, address and previous orders are instantly retrieved the moment they phone you. This saves valuable time in not having to repeatedly ask your customers for their name and address each time they call and not having to write it down. The Telephone Caller ID Module allows you to take new telephone orders or repeat orders in a fraction of time, thereby inproving your customer satisfaction, increasing througput and giving your business the ability to handle more orders, more accurately, in less time, with fewer mistakes and with fewer staff.

Module for 1 analog phone line and 1 touchscreen terminal. You will need to have the Caller ID service enabled by your telephone service provider. For multiple phone lines you will need to purchase a module for each line.

When the phone rings, the telephone number will display in a pop-up window on the EPOS software, together with the Name & Address of the customer (if exists in the database) or otherwise you can add the new customer record to the database with the on-screen touch keyboard. Also option to view Previous Orders for each customer.

The customer details are automatically included on the kitchen ti0cket, the drivers docket / customer bill.

Also see Postal Address Lookup module.

Integrated Card Payment Processing
Initial Setup £50

You can use your own standalone card payment machine alongside the POS system, but if you wish to speed up and automate the payment process and avoid the possibility of manual keying errors for the card payment amount, then SamTouch integrates with the following compatible payment services provider:

  • Payment Sense
  • MyPos
  • eMerchantPay
  • You will need to setup a dedicated new merchant account via ourselves. After completing account setup formalties, the merchant account provider will then supply a compatible card terminal loaded with the appropriate software for use with the SamTouch epos software and we will assist with it's integration to the epos system.

    The standard terminal is a wired terminal that requires connection to your Router and internet access. An optional wireless terminal (using WiFi) or mobile terminal (using GPRS) is also available and these support the 'Pay at Table' feature. Also see the PAX A920 handheld PDA above that operates as a combined waiter pad and card payment machine.

    It may also be possible to set up integrated card payment processing with the following providers (you will still need to set up a new merchant account and switch to a compatible payment terminal) - please contact us to check:

  • Worldpay
  • Sage Pay

  • You cannot use any other merchant account or existing account for integrated card payment processing with SamTouch. Only a new merchant account set up via ourselves will be integrated by us.

    KLV Kitchen Monitor System

    Available either as a 15" Wall Mounted Touchscreen, or as a 19" LCD Monitor with Keypad and Mini PC. Kitchen software included.

    Orders are shown on the Kitchen Monitor with time, and can be set to flash overdue when a preset time limit has been reached.

    CCTV EPOS Link
    CCTV EPOS Link

    Overlay module for connection of 1 EPOS terminal to your own CCTV system/camera. Demo Video

    A chargeable Site Visit may be necessary for installation & configuration of this unit - please contact us with details of your CCTV system and postcode for a quote.

    Dallas Key Reader

    Integrated Dallas Key fob reader for use with magnetic dallas keys.

    Ideal for busy environments where multiple staff share the same terminal(s). Dallas keys are much faster than keying a PIN number, and they are more secure than using on-screen name buttons.

    When a staff member places their dallas key on the reader, it will resume from where they previously left off. In a networked environment, staff can recall partial transactions from any terminal.

    Magnetic Dallas Key Fobs
    £7.50 each 

    In a fast paced environment with multiple staff sharing the same terminals, Dallas Key Fobs allows staff to logon and logoff the epos system quickly and securely. Keys are reusable and can be re-allocated to replacement staff.

    Note: Requires a Dallas Key Reader to be fitted to the touchscreen terminal

    Magstripe Card Reader

    Integrated 3-track Magstripe Card Reader for Sam4s terminals.

    For use with Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Club Cards, pre-loaded funds cards etc where data is encoded on a magnetic stripe on the back of the plastic card.

    Note: This reader is not for processing credit/debit card payments.

    Pack of 500 Cards: £285
    Pack of 1000 Cards: £395
    Pack of 2000 Cards: £625
    Pack of 5000 Cards: £1069
    CR80, 760 micron (credit card size and thickness). Printed to your design, full colour (CMYK), double-sided print with Gloss or Matt lamination, and encoded magstripe. 14-21 working days turnaround from approval of artwork and checking of test card.

    CAS PDII POS Scale

    Trade-approved integrated POS scale with RS232 serial interface. Suitable for delis and supermarkets for automated priced of weighed items such as cheese, meat, fish, fruit and veg. 6kg or 15kg capacity.

    The weight, price and calculated price will show on the epos system. But if you wish to show the Weight to the customer as you weigh, then there is an Option for a Pole Display that shows the weight, additional £90.

    Avery FX120 POS Scale

    Trade-approved integrated POS scale with pole display and RS232 serial interface. Suitable for delis and supermarkets for automated priced of weighed items such as cheese, meat, fish, fruit and veg. 15kg capacity.

    Memory & SSD Upgrades
    The standard terminal specification has 4gb RAM which is more than sufficient for Windows 10 IoT and the SamTouch epos software. For data storage, 64gb SSD will comfortably hold 15-20 years of data for a typical retail shop or restaurant. However, if you wish to make your terminal more future-proof or require potential performance enhancement then memory / storage upgrades are available as follows:

    • Upgrade from 4gb to 8gb RAM £140
    • Upgrade from 4gb to 16gb RAM £240
    • Upgrade from 64gb to 128gb SSD storage £120

    Memory upgrades are factory-fitted and recommended only at the time of initial order. If you wish to upgrade memory at a future date, the terminal will need to be returned to the Sam4s Service Centre to avoid invalidating the warranty.

    For SSD storage, due to Microsoft Windows 10 IoT license installation, the option to upgrade to 128gb is only available from us at the time of initial order..



    You may add the following optional software modules to the standard package:

    SamTouchOffice Back Office System
    £250 Initial Setup, £150 pa 

    SamTouch has integrated back office functions in the standard POS software for reporting, stock control and product management so no additional back office system is required. But if you wish to manage your system remotely from other premises, require enhanced stock management and/or the multi-branch loyalty points module, then SamTouchOffice provides this enhanced solution.

    SamTouchOffice is an optional web-based back office system for SamTouch. It allows remote reporting (from regular 1 - 99 minute intervals) and centralised product/prices management as well as stock reporting, purchase ordering, shelf/product label printing, supplier database and order/delivery tracking. Sales analysis, cash management, staff performance and various other reports.

    Initial Setup price is for server setup and 1 hour remote training. Subscription Price is for ongoing annual subscription - payable per terminal, per annum. For example. if you have a 3 terminal system then there is a one-off Initial Setup cost of £250 for the back office system, and 3 lots of £150 per annum terminal subscriptions.

    Wireless Waiter Tablet
    OrderPad App for use with your own iPhone / Android devices
    3 License Pack: £475  

    The OrderPad app is available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for use with SamTouch. It allows table orders for food and drinks to be instantly communicated to the kitchen, improving productivity, reducing errors and writing time and increasing customer satisfaction.

    All table bills can be accessed from the PDA for starting a new bill, adding food & drink items, entering custom comments, selecting condiments and dish modifiers, printing the bill and registering bill payment.

    Price is for a Pack of 3 Device Licenses, allowing you to run the app on upto 3 of your own smartphones / tablets. Additional license packs for additional devices can be added.

    1. Requires good quality WiFi signal within the areas of your premises where the app will be used.
    2. At least one SamTouch POS terminal must be operating on the same network - you cannot use the OrderPad on its own.
    3. OrderPad Licenses are not transferrable across devices.

    Customer/Membership Database
    Customer Database & Loyalty

    The Customer Database stores name, address, email, photo and telephone numbers of your customers, allows you to categorise them, assign them to Price Level (eg. Members Pricing) and also operate prepaid accounts, where you can accept deposits and run up transactions against the account balance. The Expiry Date feature allows it to be used for subscriptions and membership renewals too - perfect for social clubs and sports clubs with a membership database.

    With the Loyalty Points features, your customers can earn points for individual product purchases or by transaction value, and redeem the points value (as defined by you) against future purchases.

    You can use plastic cards with either a magstripe or barcode to identify members - your terminal will require an MSR Reader or Barcode Scanner.

    A multi-site edition is available allowing your customers to use their Loyalty Points at multiple branches - contact us with your requirements for pricing details.

    SamView Smartphone Reporting App
    £250 Setup Fee 

    Get up-to-the-minute summary of financial totals showing takings with cash and card payments, summary of sales by category and by individual product line, staff sales performance and hour-by-hour analysis for each till.

    Requires an Android-based Smartphone, and internet connection with Static IP Address at your premises.

    Note: the SamView reporting App is not available for Apple or Windows phones. If you require remote management / reporting via Apple or other devices, please see the SamTouchOffice back office system.

    Postcode / Address Lookup
    Postal Address Lookup
    from £125  

    Live postal address lookup from postcode entry when adding new records to the Customer Database. Requires internet connectivity. Annual subscription to Royal Mail provider is per terminal user and cost is per postal region (eg. LS region for all Leeds postcodes, WF region for all Wakefield postcodes), with unlimited lookups.

    Annual Subscription for 1st Region
    Annual Subscription for Extra Region
    £35 each  
      Also see Integrations tab for modules to link to 3rd party systems.



    The Login Screen can be set so staff can either press their name button, enter a PIN number or use a Dallas Key Fob. The system also includes a Clocking In/Out feature to record staff working hours and produce reports for wages calculation.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    The Sales Screens can be easily configured with your menu sections, using various colour schemes and button sizes, in either carousel or hierarchical format.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    Colour-coded sub-sections allow for easier navigation with fast links to options such as Toppings and Extras.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    Specify various choices such as Decaf, Skimmed Milk, Soya and other options for food/drink preparation & pricing

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    Popup screens allow you to choose items such as Mixers and Toppings

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    With Meals, you can customise the screen for choosing Condiments, Accompaniments, Sauces, Cooking Style etc

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    The Graphical Table Map can be designed with your restaurant / bar layout, using various table sizes and colours. You can include graphical icons or actual photographic images. Multiple maps can be set up for different zones within your premises such as Garden, Balcony, 1st Floor, Bar, Restaurant and so on.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    The Reports module allows a range of financial, sales analysis, staff performance, stock and other related reports to be instantly generated. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed or saved to a disk file.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    The Sales Review screen allows the Manager to continuously monitor all activity within your business, with the ability to filter transactions by date/time, staff member, type of function (eg. void, discount, refund) and to re-print receipts as necessary. It also allows erroneous transactions to be permanently deleted.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    Stock Management for all your food and drink items lets you keep track of remaining stock and re-order / cook as necessary.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    Sophisticated Product Management allows you to easily update prices, add new products, set vat rates, define multiple price rates and size options, set kitchen printing options, suspend products, pop-up choices and numerous other parameters

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots


    The Screen Editor allows you to set your own colours, button sizes and positions, create new screens, add function / shortcut buttons, set up new menus and much more. The Dynamic Buttons feature allows new products to be automatically added to the relevant menu screens and suspended products to be removed.

    ETOUCH EPOS Software screen shots

    Please Contact Us to book a live online demo of the amazing SamTouch software and to see its comprehensive features. The interactive demo is done via telephone and internet, you will require a Windows PC or laptop, and it typically takes 30-40 minutes. At the end of the standard demo, you will be able to ask to see specific features and reports.



       Select from on-screen menu or key-enter open amount
       Enter PLU code or barcode number or Scan barcode
       Optionally choose condiments, cooking options, product options
       Optionally link to Weighing Scale for fruit/veg, meat, fish, salads etc.
       Register sales as cash or eat-in / take-away, assign to a table, room or tab
       % Discount or Amount Discount, mix and match promotions
       % Discount or Amount Discount, mix and match promotions
       Discount by item or entire bill
       Specify cash, card, cheque or other payment type
       Hot-keys for £5, £10, £20, £50 tender
       Calculates change due for cash payments
       Controls cash drawer opening
       Print receipts with logo, header/footer message
       Void any individual line item on the bill or the entire bill
       Refund function


       Design your own screen layouts
       Button sizes and text/button colours can be defined
       Pictures/Images can be placed on buttons
       Items can be position where required
       Add any combination of keys to each screen (PLU, Functions, Macros, Departments etc)
       You can activate a particular screen when a specific PLU is selected
       Screen sequence can be linked (eg. choose pizza base, choose toppings etc)
       Screen can auto-close after 1 item, or can remain till closed.
       Screen saver - screen can go blank or show graphic image after set minutes
       Screen levels can be controlled by day of week - eg. different weekend menu
       Using Price Levels, time-specific prices can be set up (eg. happy hour, early bird etc)


       Define end-of-shift time after midnight (useful for late night bars, nightclubs etc)
       Print daily sales summary by terminal or all system
       Print sales by PLU, by product group, by department, or by staff
       Sales reports shows VAT breakdown and sub-totals for each group
       Hourly sales report
       Numerious sales, financial, stock and employee performance reports
       Gross profit reports
       Report sequencer allows multiple reports to be printed at once


       Ethernet compatible, so as many terminals as required can be connected
       Real-time updates of check tracking, so every terminal has access to all guest bills
       Real-time clerk interrupt and floating clerks
       Staff can start/resume transactions on any terminal
       Share all remote printers
       Generate either consolidated reports for all terminals or reports for a particular terminal
       Till by Till financial reports, including Station Totals report
       Real-time product updates - new items instantly available on other terminals


       Ability to interrupt a sale in progress, so other employees can commence other sales
       On screen employee status, so sales in progress can be seen
       Ability to commence transaction on one terminal, and update/close on other terminals
       Access to bill tracking across all terminals on a network


       Track bills for restaurant tables, bar tabs, function rooms and restaurant balances
       Screen lists all outstanding bills
       Retrieve any open bill, with itemised details including payment information
       Hourly analysis of open bills
       Ability to allocate seat numbers within a transaction
       Split payment facility to split bill into equal segments for each guest
       Bill transfer - ability to transfer/join different bills
       Recall bills by table number of bill number
       Ability to maintain account balances


       Multiple Zones (eg. Bar area, Balcony, Function room)
       Easy selection of tables and allocation of bills
       Optional Graphical table map showing status of each table
       Track number of covers
       Transfer bills from one table to an other
       Split bill payment and "Go Dutch"
       Hold/Recall bills


       Print complete itemised bills and mini receipts
       Print A4 invoices and statements
       Print image/logo on receipt heading
       Ability to group items on bill (eg. starters, drinks)
       Allocate external printers to use on the network
       Printers can be re-allocated as and when required
       Receipt printing can be turned on/off, and Print Receipt button used
       Specify number of bills/receipts to print


       Print food/drink orders to external order printers
       For each PLU, determine which printer will print to
       Upto 9 printer groups can be defined
       Printers can be re-allocated as and when required
       Automatic time-schedule for controlling location of printing
       Option to print a particular order to a particular order printer
       Global order numbering sequence, so all orders can be tracked
       Content of kitchen ticket can be configured (eg. grouping like items)


       Staff can sign on with a name-key, staff number, pin number or Dallas Key
       Staff can be auto signed-off after each transaction or can manually sign off
       Clocking in/out system to report staff hours for wages calculations


       Supports EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-E, UPC-A and Addendum barcodes
       Can process price-inclusive Scale Barcodes
       Can combine retail and hospitality terminals on same network
       Unlimited number of PLU's (subject to diskspace)
       Supports hand-held, fixed-mount and counter-mounted barcode scanners
       Can scan barcode for Price Inquiry
       Functions to recognise unknown barcodes and auto-add


       Real-time updating of stock levels for each PLU
       Specify minimum and maximum stock levels
       Mode lock for stock maintenance - adjustments and stock taking
       Wastage feature to deduct expired or damaged stock
       Reports for current stock and stock re-order
       Parent product links allow subtraction (using integer or decimal) from main product (eg. half-pint can reduce stock of full-pint PLU by 0.5)
       Detailed stock reports


       Store independent ingredients for stock control in addition to PLU
       Ingredients can be allocated to a particular recipe for stock control
       Recipes can be nested
       Comprehensive food costing report analysis


       Allows tracking of products use from a case or box
        Eg. Keep track of how many pints used or how many burgers used from a box
       Hourly, 30-minute or 15-minute usage analysis
       Summary or detailed reports


       Electronic Journal stores details of all recent transactions
       Define what information is stored for each transaction
       Complete analysis for reporting purposes
       Journal can auto wrap round or provide warning when full


       Main grouping eg. Wet Sales / Dry Sales or Take-Away / Restaurant sales
       Product category grouping eg. soft drinks, wines, beers, spirits
       Tax rates - set one of 6 tax rates for each product group or individual PLU
       Define a PLU as a condiment salt, pepper, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar etc
       Compulsory condiments (eg. steak cooking instructions - rare, medium etc
       Single item PLU to finalise sale (eg. entrance fees)
       Memo information - for additional text to be printed on receipt
       Auto-Scale PLU - for link to a weighing scale of items like fruit/veg/fish, cheese, meat etc
       Stock and non-stock PLU to enable stock control
       Linked PLU - eg. on meal deals, individual stock items deducted automatically
       Enable / Disable Promo inclusion using the Promo function key
       Optional surcharge, by amount or percentage
       Reference Number entry - eg. product serial number
       Enable/Disable discounting for each PLU
       Specify if PLU is to be included on kitchen/bar printed orders, and which printer
       Specify if PLU is to be highlighted in RED on kitchen/bar printed orders
       Specify if PLU appears on customer receipt
       Optional image for each PLU can be printed on receipt


       Store actual stock inventory at outset
       Add stock transfers in (eg. new deliveries) and deduct stock transfers out
       Deduct stock wastage (eg. returns, expired or damaged stock)
       Specify minimum stock level to trigger appearance on stock re-order report
       Real-time stock enquiry button for a particular PLU
       Option to show stock levels on screen menu
       Supports pints, half-pints, shots, double shots, small/large wine glasses etc
       Allows proportional stock adjustment eg. slices of pizza/cake, items from a pack


       Multiple shifts can be defined for auto-reporting (eg. morning, lunch, afternoon etc)
       New shift can be auto or manually activated
       Kitchen/bar printers can be auto-activated at set times


       Specify which PLU's are part of each promotion
       Print the promotion on the customer receipt 'eg.2 for price of 1'
       Specify discount amount, if fixed price promotion eg. Buy 3 for £2
       Specify quantity of each PLU/group to trigger the promotion


       Process credit & debit card payments seamlessly
       Supports 'cashback' transactions
       Supports contactless cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay
       Wired terminal (Ethernet) or option for Wireless (gprs) terminal


       Staff access can be controlled by PIN number, fingerprint or dallas key
       Control and restrict access to specific features for each staff
       Drawer Limit - gives warning when cash exceeds drawer limit
       Open Drawer Alarm - when cash drawer is open for too long


    You may add the following optional modules to integrate with 3rd-party systems:

    Postcode / Address Lookup
    Online Web Ordering System
    £475 Setup
    £59 per month 

    Mobo2go Food Ordering Website. Your customised food ordering website setup with your menu, colour scheme and prices, and with option for online card payment processing. Works on desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones. Includes Web Control Panel for you to manage orders and control operating parameters. Integrates directly with the SamTouch EPOS Software (internet connection required), prints kitchen tickets and bills for online orders and allows tracking of outstanding payments.

    A £475 initial website setup fee applies. You can have an "Order Online" link on your own www domain, or we can host a dedicated portal for you. There is no long term contract, you can terminate the service at any time by giving 1 months notice.

    There are NO commission charges on your web orders, you retain 100% of your takings. (Obviously if you accept card payments then the card transaction fees will be deducted by your merchant account provider).

    The online ordering web site will be designed with your logo/branding and corporate colours, with all your food/drink menus and choices. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. Your customers can order directly from the web and the order will instantly print on the kitchen printer and a bill/receipt will also be printed showing if payment has been made or is due.

    Using the Control Panel, you can specify your operating hours for collection and delivery, and set your time slots / order delivery times depending on how busy you are and how many staff/drivers you have on that shift. You can also cancel/refund orders.

    Mobo2go supports integrated card payment processing with the web ordering system so your customers can pay by credit/debit card through Stripe and/or Global Payments. You will first need to apply for and set up a new merchant account. The merchant account provider will charge their monthly gateway fee, any PCI compliance charges, and their quoted card transaction charges.

    ResDiary Bookings / Reservations system integration
    ResDiary Table Bookings  

    Bookings/Reservations System integration £call for pricing.

    Also see ResDiary Website for subscription details.

    Direct Room Sales system integration
    Direct Room Sales (DRS) Integration  

    For independent hotels, B&B's and Guest Houses who use the DRS online bookings system, this module provides integration with the SamTouch epos software so transactions are automatically loaded onto the system. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

    Also see DRS Website for subscription details.

    Other 3rd Party Software Interfaces  

    Resident Pro (Hotel Management Software) interface £call

    Mainstay (Hotel Booking System) interace £call

    Cybake (Food Labelling Solution) interface £call

    Just Yoyo (Paperless Loyalty solution) interface £call




    Call us on 020 7523 5000 to order by phone

    Express Same Day Despatch Option £65
    : If you require same day despatch of the Q5 system for delivery to a UK Mainland address within 1-2 working days, your order with cleared payment must be completed by 11am Monday-Friday.

    Setup & Training Service
    : As part of a Service Pack purchase, your food/drinks menu will initially be setup by us remotely and uploaded to your system. Typically, for Standard Programming, this is done within 2-3 working days from our receipt of your Food/Drinks menu and the completed Programming Form. The Service Pack also includes a remote training session and a Level One software support subscription.


    Call us on 020 7523 5000 to order by phone