Training of your staff and management team is essential to make efficient use of your system, help avoid mistakes and for you to gain the maximum benefits from all the different features and reports of your chosen POS system. Trained staff will work faster, be more confident in the use of the system and you will start to benefit from the systems features much earlier.

If you have purchased a system from us, then a Remote Training session will be automatically included with your Service Pack. This covers both the day-to-day operation of the system as well as managerial functions.

Training is available on systems purchased from us, as well as existing epos software that you already have from elsewhere including ICR TouchPoint, Sentinel Touch (also known as Geller Touch), CES Touch, SamTouch, Wasp QuickStore, SamStock, SamTouchOffice, SalonMaid, Mobo2Go Admin and rom-based software on SPS500, SPS2000 and SPS2200 tills. We also provide training on CAS, Dibal and Digi Label Printing Scales.

We provide staff training both in the use of the system and in ongoing programming changes and amendments. We will agree the training agenda with you prior to the session or course, covering all the different functions you want your staff and managers to be familiar with.

Type of Training Duration
No. of Trainees
Remote Upto 2 hours (single session)
part of Service Pack
1 person
Remote Per hour
1 person
On-Site Half Day (3.5 hours)
upto 3 people
On-Site Full Day (6.5 hours)
upto 6 people
At our Offices Half Day (3.5 hours)
upto 3 people
At our Offices Full Day (6.5 hours)
upto 6 people

*Travel expenses are applicable for on-site training. See our Regional Travel Fees.

For Remote Training, this is done by live telephone call and remote access. Your terminal will need to be connected to your internet router and a landline phone will need to be accessible next to the terminal. For most systems, a 1.5 - 2 hours session is required to cover the main parts of the training agenda.

Training at our London offices includes tea/coffee and light refreshments. A 20-minute break is included in Half Day courses, and a 45-minute break is included in Full Day courses.

Email us or call us on 020 7523 5000 to discuss your staff and management training requirements.


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