With all our POS solutions, a back-office system is NOT mandatory for operation of the POS system. It is always an optional extra. Management, accounting and sales reports can be printed directly from the POS terminal, emailed or saved to a USB stick and any programming or configuration can also be done directly at the terminals.

If you do require a wider range of reports, enhanced stock control and purchase ordering functions, remote access, the ability to control and manage multiple branches and/or the ability to produce reports and make menu/price changes from an office computer without interrupting staff at the tills, then a Back Office system is a good option to choose.

With our Windows-based Sentinel Touch solution and flash-based SPS-2000, SPS-2200 and SPS-500 touch screen till, we offer the Samstock and Samlite back-office system. With our Windows-based Quickstore software for fashion solutions, the Enterprise edition allows multi-site polling. With our Q5 package, the web-based SamTouchOffice back office system is available providing live reporting, stock management and remote system management. WIth our ICR Touch solutions, the Touch Office solution is available.

For some requirements, it is possible simply to install a workstation software licence on a back-office PC if you do not require the extended functionality of the full back office software.

Please note that with any Windows-based system, if you just require remote access then you can also use various third-party products such as Team Viewer or GoToMyPC to gain remote access to a terminal without the need for a Back Office system.