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  Additional / replacement terminals for my existing system
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  Note: Each Touchscreen Terminal normally includes a Cash Drawer and Thermal Receipt Printer as part of the package. On our retail systems, a barcode scanner is also included.

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      Essential Maybe
  Retail Barcode Scanning - Fixed
    Barcode Scanning - Wireless
    Barcode Label Printing
    Shelf Edge Label Printing
    Mobile Stock Taking
    POS Weighing Scale
    Label Printing Weighing Scale
  Hospitality Kitchen Ticket Printing
    Kitchen Monitor System
    Wireless Waiter Tablets
    OrderPad App (for use with your iPhone/Android smartphones)
    Chinese Kitchen Printing
    Graphical Table Map
    Food Delivery
- Telephone Caller ID
    Food Delivery
- Postcode Database
    Food Delivery
- Online Ordering Website/App
  General Loyalty Points
    Customer Database
    Stock Control
    Integrated Card Payment Processing
    Remote Back Office System (Cloud-based)
    Remote Access from Office / Home
    Bookings / Reservations System
    Membership Cards
    Staff Key Fobs
    Staff Clocking In / Clocking Out
    Rear Customer Display
- 2 line
    Rear Customer Display
- Graphical LCD
    CCTV Overlay System
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Your Service Requirements
We normally initially configure the system with your business information and your menu items / prices or your products list. So when you receive delivery of the system it will already be preloaded with your details, ready to use. We send a Programming Form to complete and return. Please let us know if you have your product details or Food/Drinks Menu/Prices currently available so we can arrange to request them by email to determine the programming work involved.
Staff Training
For single terminal systems, we can provide training remotely (by phone & remote internet access) or on-site at your premises. For multiple terminal systems, we do normally need to attend on-site. Remote training is 1.5 - 2 hours and covers the basics of the system. On-site training is more in-depth and also covers advanced features of each system.
Support Subscription
All of our systems include an annual support subscription where we provide ongoing support by phone and email during office hours Monday-Friday for 1 year, provided a Service Pack is included as part of the system. The majority of our customers find this service level satisfactory as, following training, our systems are very easy to use and the equipment and software we provide is very reliable and stable. However, if you would like (a) Extended Hours Support (eg. evenings, weekends or 24 hours), (b) Priority Response or (c) On-Site Support Subscription please let us know and we will contact you to find our more about your specific needs and quote you for a higher level subscription.
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