Remote Access

With our Remote Access Support Service, we can access your system instantly over the internet, on provision of your password. This allows us to demonstate features to you, perform remote training, check settings on your system and make any adjustments or changes for you.

This facility is only available for our Windows-based systems. If you have a rom-based system such as the SPS500 or SPS2000 / SP2200 terminal and do not have the Back Office Software, then you will require a PC or Laptop computer running Windows and a spare USB stick.

To use our Remote Access Support Service, you will require a broadband internet connection at your premises that is connected to your EPOS System. If you do not have a permanent internet connection, you may also use a USB Dongle for mobile internet access which is available from most computer stores and supermarkets.

Visit the remote access software website.
Under the section 'TeamViewer QuickSupport', click the 'Download' button.
Once you have have started the TeamViewer program, please contact us with Your ID and Password. We will then be able to access your system.