Hardware Equipment supplied by us is covered for the full duration of the manufacturers warranty. We will assist with any technical faults with equipment and arrange repair or replacement as necessary in consultation with the manufacturer's service centre, during our normal office opening hours, and subject to our terms of business.

For Software Support and help configuring software settings to use equipment or peripherals, you will require a software support subscription to be effective. We have various levels of subscription for you to choose from:



Level One support is automatically included for the 1st year on all new systems where a Service Pack is part of the order.

Level One is suitable for the vast majority of our customers. This is due to our branded equipment and established software being robust and very reliable in day-to-day operation. It is included with all systems in the first year provided you have included a Service Pack with your purchase. After the first year, optional renewal for a Level One annual subscription is £15 per month, plus £5 per month for additional terminals/devices, paid annually in advance.


If your business requirements require software and hardware support outside our normal hours on a regular basis, you wish to introduce new requirements on an ongoing basis., you require on-site callout facilities, or you require greater peace of mind knowing that you have contractual support entitlement outside normal office hours or a response within specific timescales, then you can subscribe to one of our higher level subscriptions. You will be given a separate Priority Service Level telephone number and email address for these higher level subscriptions.

On the higher level subscriptions, in addition to software support, hardware support is also provided during the prescribed hours to assist with any setup, re-configuration or problem diagnosis and resolution. However, please note that if new parts need to be ordered, or service centre assistance is required, then those facilities are only available during office hours Monday-Friday due to the manufacturers opening hours.

Priority Add-on: If you require additional priority and extended hours just in the first few weeks of installation of a new system, or the owner/manager is going on holiday, then the 1-month Priority Add On provides this facility without the full cost of an annual higher level subscription. Please contact us for details and a quote for the Priority Add-on 1 Month service.

The above Higher Level Subscription prices are a guide for London and within the surrounding M25 area. Depending on your location, an additional premium may apply for On-Site Callouts where used to cover travel time and travel costs - please contact us with your address for a quote.


If you do not wish to take out a support subscription or do not have one in place at the time of a requirement arising, then ad-hoc support may still be available during our weekday office hours, subject to technician availability, and depending on the type of support requirement.

Ad-hoc support is charged at £75 for upto 1 hour telephone session or remote access session during our normal office hours. to assist with 1 specific issue. Fill out our Support Request form.

Where you do not have a subscription and/or support is required outside our normal office hours or outside your contracted support hours, then this will be charged at the Out-of-Hours Rate of £125 per hour, with a minimum 1 hour charge.



If you require assistance with your own network equipment, network cabling and/or WiFi connectivity, then we can offer a subscription or ad-hoc support services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a quote.



Your initial training session (part of the Service Pack) will have covered how to update products and prices on your system so it is very easy to make changes yourself. However, if you require us to carry out additional programming work for you, please contact us for a Programming Quote for the new changes.



Bespoke subscriptions covering specific days, hours and locations are also available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote.



The following policy and procedures form part of our terms of business.

Prices shown above are quoted for customers in the UK Mainland for an individual site address, and are excluding VAT. Additional fees may apply for customers outside the UK Mainland and for additional sites - please contact us for a quote.

All terminals and handheld devices in use or that will be used will need to be included on the subscription, we do not provide support cover for partial parts of a networked system due to inter-dependencies.

Upgrades to a higher service level or renewal of a lapsed subscription will not take effect until 5 working days from order confirmation. Downgrades are not permitted part way through an annual subscription.

Level One excludes service on Bank Holidays, and a limited email-only service is provided on the working days between Christmas Eve and New Years Day. Level Two and Three excludes service on UK Bank Holidays.

Level One and Two are payable annually in advance. Level Three and Four are payable quarterly in advance by credit card or standing order. If any payment is missed or delayed on your account when you are on a quarterly payable plan, we reserve the right to require annual payment in advance. You may cancel automatic annual renewal by giving at least 1 months notice prior to the end of the 12 month subscription. If any instalment remains unpaid for more than 7 days from the due date we may suspend the provision of service at our discretion and the suspended term will be forfeited, without prejudice to your liability to us for the outstanding payment.

On subscription Level 2 and above, where an on-site call out is deemed necessary by us to resolve a total or major system failure, you must have paid at least 3 months subscription for each call-out used otherwise additional advance payment will be required. A call out will be booked only following our attempt to resolve any issue remotely.

You are responsible for providing a working internet connection at your site and making it available to us to remotely access the system for us to investigate and resolve any queries and provide user support

You are responsible for the external backup of your data on a frequent basis. Please note that none of our support subscription levels include Data Recovery services or Re-programming in the event of program/data loss - if required, these services are chargeable. Your business data can become damaged or lost due to computer virus, hardware failure, physical damage to equipment, theft, flood, fire, power surge, power failure, network or software error as well as other causes. Performing a frequent external data backup is the only solution to minimise business disruption in such cases. We will not accept liability for loss of data and any associated recovery or re-programming costs under any circumstances. The backup procedure is covered during training and/or in the system documentation - please contact us if you require instructions on externally backing up your data.

On subscription Level 2 and above, the stated response times are timed within the stated operating hours. There is no specific response time on subscription Level 1 other than as soon as reasonably possible.

'Response times' are the timescale we aim to respond to you by phone or email to obtain details of a query and provide technical assistance or perform diagnosis and tests and to fix / resolve any issue. We do not guarantee to necessarily fix / resolve any issue within the response time - additional time may be needed for resolution if the manufacturer has to be consulted or where additional documentation, drivers or program patches / updates have to be obtained.

Response times for hardware related issues refers to initial technician communication with you - where parts need to be ordered, the manufacturer has to be consulted or replacement equipment has to be arranged these tasks can only be peformed during office hours Monday-Friday and based on availability and processing time of the manufacturer or service centre. Stocked parts typically take 2-5 working days to deliver to a UK mainland address. Special order parts can take longer depending on stock availability and shipping schedules.

If a potential hardware failure would have a crticial impact on your business, then we recommend you purchase equipment that provides an on-site swap-out warranty either as standard or as an option, or alternatively purchase additional spare equipment as a backup to use in the event of an emergency. Our services do not include free provision of any loan equipment.

Where terminal equipment or handheld devices have to be replaced, additional time will apply to re-install any program / app, and to re-configure or restore settings / data from your most recent backup. If you do not have a program & data backup, then you will lose your historic data and any re-programming of menus, screens, functions etc will have to be re-done either by yourself or by purchasing our programming services.

The support service is provided on a fair use basis and is not a substitute for a staff training session and it is not a data entry service. It is to help with specific queries or problems and to to give user advice on products purchased from us and reference to applicable documentation.

Where your query requires detailed tuition on the entire system or a major module of a system, you will need to separately book and pay for a training session. See Training Services.

Where an untrained or unqualified person has tampered with system settings which cause an error or made significant system changes without prior consultation with us, we will charge additional fees for resolution in that circumstance.

If you or anyone representing you abuses or threatens our staff, then support will be refused. If it persists after we have given written warning, then your subscription will be terminated and any associated fee will be forfeited.

Where you have added equipment, software or peripherals obtained or purchased from a third-party then you will need to pay additionally if you require our help setting up, using or connecting to equipment, accessories or software that has not been purchased from us.

Where you have a Higher Level Subscription with extended hours, the optional paid support on 3rd-party equipment that you have purchased elsewhere will only be provided during normal office hours Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays and the Christmas - New Year period).

Where there is any outstanding payment due on your account, or an item requiring return has not been returned, then we reserve the right to suspend support services - any lost duration of a subscription will be forfeited.