Telephone 020 7523 5000

International +44 20 7127 4250

Our Telephone Support Service on the Level One Subscription operates Monday - Friday, 9.30am-5pm, except for UK Bank Holidays.

Details Required

We will first need to identify you on our customer database and verify you have a valid support subscription. Please be ready to quote your Company Name, Address & Postcode, together with the Make/Model of your equipment and/or name of the Software package. We will also require a contact name and telephone number. If we need to email instructions, an email address may also be required.

Please provide specific details of your query to the call handler to enable us to assist you efficiently, including any on-screen message.

Calls can only be logged for response once we receive these details from you.

Out of Hours Service

For customers with a higher Level Two, Three or Four subscription please see your contract for out-of-hours contact details.

For customers on the standard Level One subscription or without a subscription, if you require out-of-hours support please use the Email Form and tick the 'very urgent' box and fee payment acknowledgment.

Telephone support calls are normally only accepted from those individuals who attended a training session. If you did not attend a training session, please refer your query initially to one of your colleagues who did attend training or otherwise Email Us with your query.

If a consultant is available, your call will be transferred immediately. You will need to be situated at your system. If all consultants are dealing with other customers, the call handler will log your call with the details of your query and your contact telephone number and/or email address. This will then be allocated to the next available consultant to arrange to call you back or email you.

On the standard Level One service Level, we do not guarantee to call or email you back within any particular timescale or at any particular time - calls are handled within the scope of a queuing system with previous calls being dealt with first. We do of course endeavour to respond to each call as fast as possible. For Level Two, Three and Four subscribers you will receive an initial response within your contracted timescale.

If you have multiple queries, please email a numbered list to us instead.

Also see: Email Support

If you require Priority Support with guaranteed response times, On-site Callout or Extended Hours Support (evenings and weekend), please see our higher level Support Services and related fees.